Chapter 1

You find yourself in an otherworldly forest.

Though going through the portal felt like you were being flung far through time and space, the warping of reality itsef pulling you until you thought you would tear at the seams, your unceremonious exit was a few staggering steps forward and falling into a heap in what felt like lush, soft grass. As you lay there for just a few moments recovering from your harrowing journey, your new surroundings are alive with humming insects and creatures, none of which you recognize. All around you, peeking through the dense trees, are glowing flowers that vaguely resemble roses. the gloweing dust that drifts gently off each bloom lazily flits to the forest canopy in a glittering haze.

As you finally sit up again you glance to each side for the cat, the small black cat you followed here, with the pale moonlit eyes. You quickly rise as you spot it, glancing back over its shoulder at you between two great trees far in the distance, but before you can fully get to your feet again, the cat leaps away into the blackness of the night, and you realize you are alone... though the thought does not frighten you as much as you feel it should.

You look behind you for the portal you came through, only to find it gone...


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this is a personal website just for me and my interests and the little characters i've made up i like to think of little stories for. the content may be kind of all over the place for that reason!
the mini-story that begins on this page at the top and bottom also continues on some other pages. this site is (loosely) based on a place in my personal writing, and the story is partially for fun but also partially to give a tiny bit of what the setting is of the place this website depicts.

this site used to be written in php on my main site, but i am admittedly a neurotic person lol melting smiley face. and having a site that requires paid server access was increasingly making me anxious. i'm still keeping both neocities and dreamhost active, and just mirroring them to each other; there are likely still yet things i want to do with server-side access...

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Since you seem to have no way to return, you take a step forward in the direction you're already facing, alone into the woods, the glittering flowers guiding your way.